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Alan Tudyk Daily

because every man that hot should have a scary fan comm dedicated to his image

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This is a little community dedicated to picspam of Alan Tudyk.

Chances are, it won't get updated um. Daily.

But! Perhaps it will get updated weekly!


  • Always, always, always use a cut tag.

  • Each post must contain at least one picture of Alan Tudyk. No, this does not include your usericon.

  • Icons, in addition to pictures, are welcome.

  • Duplicate posts (i.e. five posts with the same pic all in one week or something) will be deleted by the maintainer.

  • Be excellent to each other. I have no problem banning wankers.

  • If your posts or comments contain anything stalkerish or creepy, even in jest, I reserve the right to delete said content and, if the behavior continues, ban your ass. A good rule of thumb: before posting, read over what you've said, and consider whether or not you'd like it if a stranger said it about you. I feel that this is a good rule of thumb in general, over the internet.

  • Dude. Post away, kids.


Alan Tudyk Dot Net

This community was created and is maintained by muffinbutt. All images of Alan Tudyk are being posted for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is being made by their presence.

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